We believe in working as a team of professionals and we invest in people who work with us.

AD Dimensions Production came into existence in early 2005. In the very beginning, we created our own space with rapidly expanding media industry across the Middle East. It is our approach towards our projects and understanding of the region, which set up apart from the others. And it is our understanding of the culture and audience in the Middle East which we put into perspective while dealing with our clients which contribute towards the success of our projects. During our decade old experience we have worked with the most prestigious clients in the region.

We have worked with small, medium and large scale business houses and also with freelance producer, directors and artists to help promote their businesses and better recognition in the market. We believe in working as a team of professionals and we invest in people who work with us. This has helped us to stay and grow in this business in the long term.

We at AD Dimensions single-mindedly focus on creating high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards. We collaborate with visionary brands, which trust us to bring their ideas to life. We value the two-way nature of these partnerships, understanding that our clients give us opportunities to improve our craft and astound their audiences.

Though we are renowned for our unrivaled creative expertise, we are just as inventive with our workflow solutions and pride ourselves on our impeccable account management and client service. Years of innovation ideas have helped us establish AD Dimensions Production as the recognized brand in the Middle East for creating eye-catching videos, commercials and graphics.

We have a team of highly creative DOP’s and technical crew members. We also create Corporate Videos with fresh and innovative ideas to keep our clients stick to us every time they need a video for their organization. We excel in creating TV Commercials without of the box approach eye pleasing graphics and animation. We do 3D Modeling, graphics, animation and walk-throughs for our corporate clients and advertising agencies. We also do Event video coverage of various events which take place in the region. We have filmed various real-estate launch, fashion, sports, charity, magazine launch, business and corporate events.




Exellence in Creation

Be it AD Film, Corporate Films, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Television Production, TV shows, Video Production, Promotional Films, AV Films, TV Show Packaging, Promos, Presentation Films, 2D & 3D Films, Motion Graphics, Video Graphics, Fiction And Nonfictional Programs.


We at AD Dimensions not only stop at work on our own, but extend our hands to anyone who is coming to the Middle East for Filming or Video Production. We lend our services, equipment and even manpower to realize your dreams to come into this region and focus on your creativity and let us take care of all nitty gritty of the production. So next time you visit here, give us a call to assist you in your production and we promise you a smooth working experience and offer highly competitive prices for equipment manpower.


Please provide us with your CV and contact details and we will contact you when vacancies are available.

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